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Where Quality Meets Innovation

Our Home: Wetherill Park, 2164

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Wetherill Park, 2164, UPVC Windows Expert is more than just a manufacturing hub for UPVC windows and doors. We proudly present our extensive range in our dedicated showroom, inviting you to experience the quality firsthand.

Leadership and Legacy

Guided by Experience, Driven by Passion

J.J, Our Visionary Director

With over a decade of experience in the glass and UPVC industry, J.J. ‘s journey began in Greece in 2002. His tenure with a leading glass and frames company until 2013 shaped him into the expert he is today. Overcoming challenges in Australia, from language barriers to financial hurdles, J.J path led him to Sydney. Here, he mastered his craft as a window installer, adapting to local standards and refreshing his industry knowledge.

The Birth of a Vision

Crafting Excellence from Experience

J.J entrepreneurial spirit and industry insight culminated in establishing UPVC Windows Expert. His meticulous machinery setup, strategic advertising, and growing clientele paved the way for our company’s success, reflecting his dedication to excellence.

Our Products: A Symphony of Quality

Innovation at Every Corner

Crafted for Perfection

Each product we create embodies our commitment to quality and innovation. Featuring superior double-glazing glass, 24mm thick, and customisable to individual preferences, our windows and doors are engineered to the highest standards. They meet all BAL ratings, offering unmatched resistance to elements and pests, sound reduction, 7-star energy efficiency, low maintenance, fire safety, and rust-free features. Our 10-year warranty underscores our confidence in every product.

Global Partnerships, Local Excellence

Where Global Quality Meets Local Expertise

Proud Collaborations

Our products incorporate the finest European hardware and glass from Australia’s leading glass manufacturer, the Australian Glass Group. Our adherence to the highest standards is evident in our AGWA registration, public liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and verified profits.

A Family Business with a Heart

Rooted in Community, Committed to Excellence

UPVC Windows Expert is deeply ingrained with community values as a family-operated entity. Our commitment lies in providing unmatched quality and service in the UPVC windows and doors sector. Opt for us for an exceptional fusion of safety, superior craftsmanship, and forward-thinking innovation.